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Pandemics like COVID-19 only accelerated the need for a significant web presence done correctly. It was inevitable that an event (or series of events) would happen that would require every business to have a solid web presence or not survive. That event has arrived.

Call it what you will (COVID-19, pandemic, lockdown, or Coronavirus) this last pandemic has permanently changed the way we do business. If you do not get ranked high on a search engine like Google, your web presence is dead in the water.

Enter Springboard Writing Concepts – Nevada’s local certified SEO content copywriting company.

We know words are power.

Give your content the power it needs

The brainchild of owner Shana Rhinehart (pronounced Shay-nah), Springboard is the product of many years of writing non-fiction books, technical manuals, how-to procedures, weekly/monthly/quarterly reporting, flyers, research papers, federally mandated ADA remediation*, brochures, and search engine optimized website content for various companies in a variety of fields including publishing, mortgages and finally local government. All articles are ADA compliant to broaden the field for all of Springboard Writing Concepts clients to include the sight-impaired at no extra charge. It is just good business!

Picture of Shana Rhinehart, Owner of Springboard Writing Concepts

In 2016, Shana Rhinehart finally published her first non-fiction work under her own name. This changed everything. Publishing lead Shana to work with gifted and often generous mentors – many of whom are industry leaders like Russ Henneberry of Modern Publisher & Co-Author of Digital Marketing for Dummies, and Matthew Turner, author of The Successful Mistake.

With the authority and certification under her belt, Shana opened Springboard Writing Concepts – just in time to assist businesses to make the transition to the online world!

*American Disabilities Act (ADA) Remediation is a federally mandated requirement for state and local governments to give the sight-impaired the same access to online content as unimpaired readers. All articles are written to be ADA compliant.

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