Customer Persona Project

How Well Do You Know Your Ideal Customer?

How many times have you sat down to plan a marketing campaign and stopped due to lack of clarity?

Once is too many.

You need to know with absolute clarity who your target audience is and how you can reach them. The Customer Persona acts as the focus of your marketing campaign around. It answers the 5 W's:

  1. Who - Know their demographics?
  2. What - What are their pain points?
  3. When - When are they most likely to need/use your product or service?
  4. Where - Where do you find them?
  5. Why - Why do they need your product or service?
  6. How - How do you reach them?

Blog. defines the Customer Persona as “a fictional report of your ideal customer based on your experience, your market research, and real data about your existing customers. A detailed customer persona will determine where to focus your time and guide product development”.

Knowing who you are marketing to gives you a distinct advantage. You know how and where to approach your ideal customer and solve their problem.

For example, here are two examples of a customer persona:

  • Jenn the Website Designer‘s frustration is not being able to finish websites. Most of her clients don’t know what to write. You can't call a website done and collect your final payment if it has no content.
  • “Pat the Graphic Artist” has clients who think they know more about what makes great graphics than he does. Everyone knows that black and white stick figures don’t make great logos! Right?

These personas are from real people with real frustrations.

Customer Persona Types of Information Graphic
To better target your ideal audience, you need a clear picture of who they are and how to solve their problems.

When you know your customer’s pain points, you can:

  • Build a marketing campaign
  • Position your product or service
  • Target pain points
  • Develop tailored solutions

Customer Persona exercise lasts 90-minutes. During this time, you define and clarify your ideal customer. When you see all details of your ideal customer, you will know where to go and how to proceed.

How Does the Customer Persona Exercise Work?

We meet via Zoom or MS Teams with you. Invite your sales team, your product designers, and customer service leaders. See how much they truly know about who you want to reach!

During this exercise, we challenge you with questions about the details of your ideal customer’s life.

This thought-provoking exercise will uncover:

  • What you know about your target audience
  • How accurate your perception is (or is not)
  • Where to find your customers
  • Customer passions and pain points

The ultimate findings will surprise you!

Do not worry if you are not sure of these details now. We will work together to flush out the details about who you want to help with your product or service.

It truly is a test of how well you know your customer.

Cost & Deliverables:

  • Cost:  $495 per Persona - The cost of the first Customer Persona is applied as a credit against future orders in the same year. 
  • Deliverable: A finalized Customer Persona delivered via email within 3 business days of the exercise.
  • Recommended Update Schedule:  Yearly - As your customers change, so should your understanding of them!
  • Retainer Benefit:  Clients with a retainer contract get their choice of either two new customer personas or customer persona updates at no cost per year as a standard part of their contract.

Get clarity on your customers now! Click here to zero in on your ideal customer today!

Let's start today! 

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