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Our Clients are the Reason We Write

We believe the opportunity to support our clients with our words is a privilege and an honor.

Every day our clients work hard to make a difference in people's lives. They spent many years researching, studying, and perfecting their craft.

Our clients know their field! However, writing is not always a part of their field of expertise. But it is ours!

We can honestly say the most important thing about our clients is our relationship with them. They are the type of people with whom you want to come over for a weekend BBQ and relax the evening away.

Below are some examples of our efforts to enable our clients to put their best foot forward.

With our clients' permission, we proudly offer their work for your review.


Pillar Posts

Company Literature

Craigslist Ads

Each ad is designed to appeal to one business segment. Included in all Craigslist ad packages are tracking codes that correspond to specific applicable categories and subgroups to source the lead as well as a spreadsheet to track the codes.

A Word about Coupon Codes

Each Sub-Group you put an ad will need its coupon code. This coupon code tells you which ad worked and how many calls you got from it.

Keep track of this data to determine if the subgroup is working on getting a specific type of client and what business segment you are producing calls.

These results help determine the strength of future Craigslist ad campaigns.

Please change the code to fit the subcategory when you upload the ad to Craigslist

Business Segment:  Contractors

Win that bid? Need construction debris removal?

Let us remove your construction debris so you can focus on the fun stuff. Spartan Junk Removal is a full-service junk removal with a proven track record of high-quality service, timeliness, and safety. Save your time for the more complex parts of your bid, and let us handle this part for you. Call us today at (209) 872-0323 to see how we can assist you, or visit us online at to see what customers say about us.

Donation & Recycling Policy:  We donate and recycle where possible and practice responsible waste disposal.

Spartan Junk Removal has a WIDE range of services.

  • Commercial Services (Office, Storage & Restaurant Cleanups)
  • Construction Debris & Scrap Metal
  • Light demolition (sheds fences, gazebo & more)
  • Yard Waste, Wood/Brush Removal & Multi Acreage Cleanups
  • Professional Services (Evictions, Foreclosure & Tenant Cleanouts)
  • Single item removal (TV, Couches, Hot Tubs, Appliances, Chester Drawers, etc.)
  • Whole house, garage & property cleanouts
  • Multi-acre cleanups
  • More!

Curbside pickup available.

Call today for your No-Obligation Free Estimate.

Use Coupon Code [Vacation-SV20 – see below].


Applicable Categories & Subgroups with Codes:

  1. Jobs > Etc./Misc – JB8
  2. Jobs > General Labor – JB10
  3. Jobs > Skilled Trade/Craft – JB23

Other Samples

If you would like a sample that is not listed below, click here to request a sample.



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