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Google My Business is the most overlooked fast seller you can use

Win More Customers Today! Use “Google My Business” to Tell Your Story – 2021

Use Google My Business to Tell Your Story

Research shows that most local business is done on cell phones. Over 80% of searchers will select a business that shows up in the local 3-Pack.

If your business services a specific area, you NEED to spend time and refine your Google My Business profile. The most common mistake companies make setting up their Google My Business profile is to rely on their reviews only to sell their business. They forget to answer every searcher’s basic question:  “why should I choose your business”?

The best way to answer honestly and in your own voice. Your voice is what comes from your experiences, the reasons you chose your business, and your “why”.

In short, your voice is the tone of what makes you — you. It is how your story is expressed.

Your story answers that question and builds a connection between you and your customers. People value connection and put their money where they find value.

The business that builds the best connections wins!

What is the Local 3-Pack?

Google My Business Local 3-Pack

These three local businesses show up at the top of a search before the “organic” search results. The local 3-pack get the lion’s share of the calls or clicks.

You see them every time you use search phrases “junk removal companies like near me”, “appliance removal in my town”, or “hot tub removal in my area”. The “near me”, “in my town” and “in my area” parts of the search query tell Google to only provide results from the local area.

How does my story help my Google My Business profile?

Image a field of white balloons trying to your get your attention. The ballons are are you and your competitors who all look the same to your customers.

You can’t tell the ballons apart until you see the red one in the front.

the Red Ballon optimizes its Google My Business to stand apart

The red one stands out and gets the attention because it is different enough but still does what balloons do.

Your story is how you stand out from the crowd and is the basis of your brand.

No one can copy your story – no one else has your experiences or looks at problems the way you do.

It is all yours and it sets you apart.

What is a brand?

When you tell your story on your Google My Business profile, you are doing more than appealing to immediate customers. You are building the foundation for longer success and creating your brand.

A brand is a result of many factors working together to achieve a specific reputation. Brand building is not done overnight. It takes planning, timely execution of those plans,  and consistency over time. In digital marketing, the building blocks of your brand include:

Of course, there is much more to branding than these. However, if you are just starting to build your brand, start with these basics.

How do I start?

If you are not a graphic artist, a web developer (aka code writer), or a writer, you need to add these to your team — usually on a job by job basis until you have built a team you can grow with.

Here is how you get started:

Step 1: Build a sturdy soapbox

  • Have a custom-designed website
  • Support it with continual SEO coding optimization and protection. Think a website’s version of anti-virus protection, custom coding to do those neat features that wow your customers, craft solid backlinks to boost page authority, and monthly maintenance checks to keep your website tuned up!
  • Create a Google My Business Account

Once your beautiful site is up, you need to protect it from those who want you to fail. Then customize the message on your Google My Business profile and your website.

Step 2: Define Your Story

We can’t tell you how often we have seen awesome designed sites with strong SEO support not succeed.

Why did they not reach their goals?

The customer refused to spend the time and money to craft their story’s message to get them the results they wanted.

It is like watching a beautiful, powerful race car with bright designs rev that engine with the e-brake engaged. It makes a lot of fits and starts, but the race car does not move.

Then they blame the designer and the SEO code writer for their failure to take the next step.

You NEED a writer to tell your story.

SEO Content Writers

Unless you are in tune with your inner grammar police and live to sit in front of a monitor writing, you need a certified SEO copywriter to tell your tale.

That is what we do at Springboard Writing Concepts. We tell a business’ tale, so customers know they are calling the right company to solve their problem. Then we take that message and make sure it gets blasted across all of your marketing platforms.

Google My Business is just one piece of the marketing pie

From your website to your Google My Business profile and your printed materials, we ensure your messaging is consistent and supports your brand. We customize plans to fit your needs and budget.

Call us today at (772) 225-1479 to discover how your story will boost your business!

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